Elion micro-fine atomization boilers subproject

Traditional coal-fired boilers are widely used for steam supply and heating in PRC, the emission from coal-fired boilers has been a major source of air pollution. In May 2018, the GFP project granted an entrusted loan to Elion Technology for the construction of new high-efficiency and energy-saving boilers to replace existing low efficient ones. The new boilers adopt micro-fine coal atomization technology, which can convert the raw coal into fine particles and apply aviation vortex technology to make the pulverized coal fully mixed and combusted. When compared with the traditional coal-fired boilers, the micro-fine coal atomization boilers have improved their combustion efficiency up to 98% and the thermal efficiency over to 90%, meanwhile, the pollutants’ emission such as nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide will also be significantly reduced.